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1. Will you use furniture and accessories that I already have?

Of course!  We love making use of treasures you already have in your home and usually can find ways to work them in.  Even if it means using them in another room you never thought of!  That said, we will be honest with you if we feel that a particular piece doesn’t fit our mutually agreed upon vision for your new dream space!

2. How does ordering products or furniture work?

We usually recommend products that we trust, are of the highest quality, and are design-available only to the trade. In that case, we require payment in full before ordering, and you have peace of mind knowing we’ll handle every detail.  If you choose to shop for your own products based on our recommendations, you order and pay from your selected source.  

3. Is your team there for various installations (paint, wallpaper, carpentry, etc.)?

We always drop by to see the quality of the product that is being executed. We are not there for the entirety. We request that yourself or someone else you trust be present to allow entry and exit by tradespeople.

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