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Wilmington, NC WELL Accredited Professional, Andrea Morris

Lancaster Place Interiors brings a new level of interior design to the Wilmington area. Opened in 2022, the firm creates elevated spaces 

with a holistic touch.  

Owner, Andrea Morris, is the only designer in the city-and one of seven in the state-licensed under WELL AP, a program focused on 

promoting the ways in which buildings and houses can bolster mental and physical wellbeing. Color, texture, sound and lighting and their 

effects are just a few of the components considered when creating a refined home environment. Andrea uses her knowledge to ensure her clients’ wellness is at the center of the design.  


This category focuses on indoor air quality. It includes parameters like air filtration, ventilation effectiveness, and the reduction of airborne contaminants.



The water category aims to promote safe and clean drinking water while also encouraging water conservation and responsible water use within buildings.



This category encourages the availability of healthy food options and promotes proper nutritional education and practices within the building.



The light category addresses natural and artificial lighting, aiming to provide optimal lighting conditions that support circadian rhythms and visual comfort.



This category emphasizes physical activity and encourages the design of spaces that promote physical health and wellness.



The comfort category focuses on thermal, acoustic, and ergonomic aspects to create comfortable and productive indoor environments.



This category addresses psychological and emotional well-being by considering elements such as stress reduction, mental health support, and relaxation spaces.



Materials and resources are evaluated for their impact on human health and the environment, with a focus on responsible sourcing and reducing harmful chemicals.



This category encourages community engagement, access to public transportation, and the promotion of a sense of belonging within the building's community.

As a neuro-aesthetic trained designer, Andrea creates an environment that improves the physical, emotional, and mental welfare of clients. 

More than creating pretty spaces; her designs incorporate beauty, curved details, natural elements, and considers sight lines to foster a sense of well being throughout the project.

Contact Andrea to schedule a design consultation.

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