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Our Approach

We love to hear your story and the dreams  for your home – whether it's a virtual meeting or an in person visit.  Based on this, we immediately dive in and reimagine the space. If you are seeking new furniture, we will begin sourcing from the best manufacturers and retailers to choose pieces based on your budget and the design we have mutually chosen for the room.  

Almost concurrently, we will begin choosing fabrics and paint color if those are requested, and use those as inspiration for beautiful accessories, rugs, lighting, and flooring.  You might need just accessories, or a recommendation on a new paint color – and that’s great.   All the choices will encompass the feelings you want elicit for your updated environment, including touches of nature, various textures and hues. These details are what make each new creation interesting and specific to you.

Photo Aug 16, 7 28 59 PM_edited.jpg

Lastly, and what makes Lancaster Place Interiors unique, we will complete your design with two special recommendations: a curated playlist and aromatherapy cocktail.


At this point we've gotten to know you and the feelings you want (Motivation in a home gym or office? Relaxation in a bedroom? Creativity in a kitchen?) from your “spruce up.”  Based on this, we will give you our suggestion for an enjoyable playlist suited for your new environment. 

In addition, because we are proponents of scent having a powerful effect on both mental and physical wellbeing, a new essential oil recipe will be proposed to diffuse, warm, or just rub on to your wrists. An example from a past kitchen design is a recommendation of a “Jazz for Cooking” playlist and an aromatherapy recipe of rosemary, vanilla, and lemon. The client reported back that the jazz both energized for cooking and relaxed for dining. And the scent reminded her of a cozy kitchen store and seemed so gourmet chic!



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