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Services + Rates

In-Person Design Service *


Availability during normal business hours, 9am – 5pm, scheduled at least 2 days prior to visit. An estimate of time needed will determine advance payment to designer, with adjustments made at end of estimated time, if necessary. All products ordered by designer must be pre-paid in full prior to ordering.  No charge for first time consultation phone call, text or e-mail.

* Services as simple as color consultations, shelf design, new pillows, sourcing for a few accessories, or advice on refreshing a space with space planning. The possibilities for this are limitless! (A typical color consultation or shelf design is around 1-2 hours)

* Full room redesign – includes services such as, but not limited to, an in person consultation, measurements of area, room design mood board, sourcing and ordering large and small products, referral to appropriate trades to accomplish decided design.  

Within 25 miles of Wilmington, NC 28409

Mini Consultations


Short consultation via phone, e-mail or text. Can be prorated to 30 minute increments. 

Virtual Design Service 

From $400 - $1300
[Dependent on Room]

Offered entirely online to anyone, anywhere. Mileage is not an issue! Client provides measurements of space with photos from each directional view. Measurement and photo instruction sheet is provided. 

All Room Packages include: 

  • 30 minute phone consultation with invitation to complete an online questionnaire for more detail on your specific needs

  • Inspired mood board for new design, including accessories, paint and wallpaper, furniture, hardware, etc. (This can be changed per customer request up to 2 times at no extra cost)

  • Shopping list of recommended products

  • Detailed installation guide for putting every beautiful thing in its place

  • Basic floor plan with new arrangements, if required

Available Room Packages:

Powder Room/Foyer



Secondary Bedroom

Living Room


Small Dining Room



Primary Bedroom

Kitchen with eat in area

Open Concept Dining and Living Room Area

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